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About the API#

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FieldPRO API uses idToken to authenticate and authorize. With user credentials it's possible to obtain idToken and refreshToken. The idToken expire in one hour, after that it is necessary to use the credentials or refreshToken to get a new one.


This data is separated between raw measures data that is directly measured by the sensor, and processed measures, data that is inderecly measured by the sensor and depends on calibration or a model. The currently supported raw measures are:

  • 'air-temperature'
  • 'air-humidity'
  • 'pressure'
  • 'soil-temperature'

The supported processed measures are:

  • 'rainfall'
  • 'ec-20','ec-40'
  • 'salinity-20'
  • 'salinity-40'
  • 'vwc-20'
  • 'vwc-40'
air temperaturerawair-temperaturetemperature obtained at 1 meter height°C
air humidityrawair-humiditytemperature obtained at 1 meter height%
pressurerawpressurepressure in the local of sensorhPa
soil temperaturerawsoil-temperaturesoil temperature 10cm under the ground°C
rainfallprocessedrainfallrainfall volume of the last hourmm
electro conductivity 20processedec-20electro conductivity 20 cm under the grounddS/m
electro conductivity 40processedec-40electro conductivity 40 cm under the grounddS/m
salinity 20processedsalinity-20salinity 20cm under the groundmg/L
salinity 40processedsalinity-40salinity 40cm under the groundmg/L
soil humidity 20processedvwc-20humidity 20cm under the ground%
soil humidity 40processedvwc-40humidity 40cm under the ground%